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POS / Retail Range of Monitor Mounts

Functional and tamper-resistant solutions where aesthetics are as important as security in public environments.

Should you not find the product you seek below, please either try our other categories, or contact us to discuss your needs in greater depth.  Thank you.

EFLA80 Executive Desk Mount
  • Gas assisted
  • Grommet mount or desk clamp fittings
  • Height adjustment 631mm
  • Reach 631mm
  • Monitors up to 7kg
EFLA65-1 Archer Collection Wall Mount
  • Aesthetic design
  • Broad range of flexibility
  • Adjustable reach up to 477mm
  • Cable management
  • Monitors up to 8kg
  • Aluminium alloy
EFLA19 Basic Wall Mount
  • Tilt up/down and left/right movement
  • Touch screen stable
  • Supports monitors up to 6kg
  • 60mm from wall
EFLA10H Basic Flush Fit Wall Mount
  • Low profile flush fit
  • Supports monitors up to 35kg
  • Compatible with 100mm & 200mm VESA standards
  • Silver coloured Aluminium alloy
EFLA10J Basic Adjustable Wall Mount
  • Low profile flush fit
  • 5 pivot positions
  • Monitors to 35kg
  • 100mm & 200mm VESA compatible
  • Aluminium alloy
EFLA10-AA Basic Flush Fit Wall Mount
  • Flush fit on wall
  • Supports monitors up to 20kg
  • Black Aluminium alloy
  • Quick & simple installation
EFLA10E Basic Wall Mount
  • Slide in & out wall bracket
  • Flush fit - sits 4.45cm from surface
  • Monitors up to 35kg
  • Silver coloured Aluminium alloy
EFLA10F,G Basic Adjustable Wall Mount
  • Flush fit on wall
  • 5 pivot positions
  • Variety of VESA fittings
  • Supports monitors to 35kg (EFLA10F) or 15kg (EFLA10G)
EFPW10A Universal Plasma Mount
Plasma mount
  • Loading capacity up to 70kg
  • Supports panels up to 52" / 132cm
  • Universal fitting
  • Pivots to 20º
  • Safety lock
  • Slide-in design
EFPW10B Universal Plasma Ceiling Mount
Plasma Ceiling Mount
  • Loading capacity up to 70kg
  • Supports panels up to 52" / 132cm
  • Universal fitting
  • Pivots to 20º
  • Safety lock
  • Slide-in design
EFPA25 Mobile Platform Cart
  • Ultimate maneuverability
  • Gas spring
  • Telescopic pole
  • 2 leg 4 castor base
  • 2 lockable wheels
  • Foot operated lever
  • Monitors up to 20kg
EFPA21,22 Mobile Workstation
  • 1350mm or 1800mm pole for sitting & standing users
  • 5 star base with lockable wheels
  • Mouse support for left & right handers
  • Safety belt adjusts to fit various CPUs
EFCS11,02,21,22,35 CPU Holder
CPU holder
  • Range of 5 different holders to suit varying requirements
  • Retractable, rolling, fixed or rotational options
  • Fit varying desk sizes & CPU weights
  • Durable steel construction


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