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Individual product details - choosing your monitor mount

ErgonoFit specializes in space management and have a vast portfolio of ergonomic mounting solutions, to cater for each individual need.  We can offer several ranges of flat panel LCD and TFT mounting solutions, CPU holders and mobile workstations.

Our expertise in ergonomic postures allow us to offer much more than just product, but a level of service that leading companies from Banking, Trading, Educational & Research sectors have come to expect.

There are several factors which should be taken into consideration when choosing an arm:


  • Desk, wall or ceiling mount
  • For PC, LCD TV or plasma screen
  • Number of monitor panels - we have several multi-panel mounting solutions
  • Weight of monitor
  • VESA fitting required (and whether recessed or not)
  • Medical or clean room environment - some mounts may be cleaned to surgical standards

User specific

  • Fixed position suitable for user's requirements, or will the monitor panel need moving?
  • One or more users?  A more flexible arm will be required to meet the ergonomic requirements of multiple users.


  • Gas assisted or manual movement
  • Construction material
  • Aesthetic considerations

Our product offering online has been segmented into working environment categories to assist you in finding the type of solution that best fits your needs.  However, due to the range of monitor mounts available, and variety of needs of our customers, you may find it helpful to browse the different categories.

We also offer a range of CPU holders.

Should you require further details on any of the products we offer, or prefer to discuss your individual requirements, please contact us.

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