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EFLA10F EFLA10G Basic Adjustable Flush Fit Wall Mounts

Simple wall mount with basic adjustability


Ideally suited for:

Office P Finance  
Education P POS/Retail P
Medical   Home Use P

Key features:

  • Flush fit on wall
  • Can pivot to 20° in 5 fixed positions
  • Supports monitors up to 35kg (EFLA10F) or 15kg (EFLA10G)
  • Compatible with a range of VESA fittings
  • Slide-in fitting for easy installation
  • Black or silver coloured Aluminium alloy
Product code Description
Basic adjustable wall mount, 100x100 / 100x200 VESA fitting
Basic adjustable wall mount, 75x75 / 100x100 VESA fitting
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